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For all your Icon needs

...and a few icons, too.

...for all your icon needs.
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Maintained by: teh_del
Moderator: niffy_icons

This journal is for posting icons, templates, brushes, friends only banners, tutorials, and anything else that is needed for icon making. You have to be approved before you can post anything. Just post a link to where we can see your work somewhere that we'll find. Niffers and I will check it out and decide together if you can have posting access. However, if you are not chosen for posting access, then you can still reep the beneifts!

1. Credit is a must here. If you take something, CREDIT the creator.
2. No flaming other peoples work. Or bashing people for asking/saying thing. Niffers and I are the only ones you may correct somone for being out of line. However, you may complain to us.
3. If you are rejected - DO NOT GIVE UP. As you improve, we may say yes!
4. To be an affliate, just comment! We'll always accept!
5. No icon reqests! This is for bettering the icon community and posting special icons.
6. Challenges will be held. The rules for that will be posted later.
7. If you are posting more than three icons, use a cut. For friends only banners, always use a cut with a thorough description in the post. For other graphics, use your common sense. We trust you.